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Main entrance:

2830 Pershing Drive

San Diego, CA 92104

Physical address:

2516 Pershing Drive

San Diego, CA 92104


Mailing Address:

2221 Morley Field Drive

San Diego, CA 92104

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Driving Directions

Route mapping software to the main entrance on Pershing Drive (2830 Pershing Drive). Pershing is currently one-way (southbound only) due to construction.

Turn right off Pershing onto a paved road which quickly becomes a dirt road. Continue forward, driving to the left of a fenced Parks Department maintenance equipment lot. You will then see what appears to be a dead end with log barriers. There is a small opening to the right, continue to the right side of the log barriers, which will take you behind the baseball fields. You will then enter a small parking and unloading area directly next to the velodrome.

SDVA Members who have obtained a parking permit may park in the "permit parking area" here.  If you do not have a permit, YOU MAY GET TICKETED FOR PARKING NEXT TO THE VELODROME, and must instead park at the tennis courts (2221 Morley Field Drive).

Members may download and print their membership card here, which acts as your parking permit, and must be displayed on your vehicle dash when parking at the velodrome.

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Main Entrance, Pershing Drive

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Drive to the left of the fenced maintenance lot

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