SDVA Membership

Riders are encouraged to become a member of the San Diego Velodrome Association to promote the sport of track racing for themselves, their family and friends, and the public.  It takes a great deal of member support (financial and time) to keep the track open, rideable, and raceable.The City of San Diego pays for the lights, water, and repairs for selected problems. The San Diego Velodrome Association pays for everything else - the fence surrounding the track and everything inside it; upkeep and repairs of the track, infield, bikes, and storage containers; security; insurance; racing licenses; adult and kids class instructors; trash collection; etc.

Your Membership is important to keep this facility operational and to continue the many enrichment programs available.

Members are provided the access code to the track and may ride the track during Open Hours - any time the track is not being used for scheduled adult or kids classes, scheduled VeloYouth classes, scheduled racing, or other scheduled events (swap meet, etc.).  Members receive discounts on racing at scheduled Tuesday Night Racing (TNR) and Friday Night Racing (FNR). Members are granted access to the members section of the website, which contains valuable resources and information about the SDVA.

Rules for Riding the Velodrome
1) Helmets must be worn and secured at all times when riding on the Velodrome or its grounds.
2) Riders shall not use headphones, earbuds, earplugs, etc., while riding on the track.
3) Riders should ride a straight line and check behind before changing position on the track.
4) Other than in competition, slower riders should always leave others sufficient space to pass above and below.
5) Faster riders should generally pass below the blue (stayer's) line. If you warn a rider ahead, say "Stay."
6) Cyclists, members and spectators must follow directions from Board member, track steward, track manager or
race director.

Rules of Conduct
1) No pets are allowed on the track or infield. Pets in the stands must be leashed.
2) Members may not share the Velodrome lock combination with or allow entry to nonmembers.
3) No smoking in the stands, on the track or infield. Members shall be aware of and comply with the City Parks &
Rec rules for Balboa Park as posted at the entrance to the track.
4) No Velodrome facility user while on the premises shall engage in any of the following -
   • Theft, fraud, deceit, or grossly unsportsmanlike conduct;
   • Enter into competition or membership under an assumed name;
   • Act disrespectfully (which includes using foul or abusive language) toward officials (including race
      officials and City employees), organizers, spectators, or other riders; or,
   • Commit assault (threaten to do bodily injury) or battery (do or attempt to do bodily injury).


Enforcement and Penalties for Violation of Rules:
   • During an event conducted under permit of USA Cycling or other permitting organization, violators are
      subject to the rules and enforcement procedures of that organization; and,
   • At all other times, any member of the Board of Directors, race director, track steward, track manager, or
     coaching member may issue a warning, suspend riding privileges for the day or longer, or terminate the
     membership (depending on the nature, severity, or frequency of the violation) of any rider who is riding
     unsafely, violating rules or laws, or behaving in a manner detrimental to the SDVA.
   • All suspensions will be reviewed by the Board which can reverse, uphold, or increase the penalty.

Electronic enrollment.

Each membership application will be required to use their own unique email account when signing up electronically.

For multiple memberships under a single email, you will need to download the Membership Application Form and a SDVA COVID Acknowledgement and Waiver and mail it using the instructions below. We will have the option to electronically sign up families under the same email in the future.

Electronic applications will be processed in 1-2 business days.

Mail-in applications will be processed in 5-7 business days.

To Join by Mail: Print out an application for EACH member, legibly fill in the SDVA membership form, and mail it with a Check or Money Order Filled out to: SAN DIEGO VELODROME ASSOCIATION and send it to:

San Diego Velodrome Association                            Download the Membership Application Form

ATTN: Membership Coordinator                                                         SDVA COVID Acknowledgement and Waiver

2221 Morley Field Drive                              

San Diego, CA 92104-4032                                        Both of the above forms must be filled out and signed in order to process your membership.