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Friday Night Racing


Racing Weekly

Every Friday from April until September the velodrome is host to our Friday Night Racing series. These fun, competitive races feature our newer riders and grass-roots racers as they gain skill and experience on the Velodrome. Don't let the above sentence fool you, these races are exciting!


Structured as a development series, races are varied from week to week to allow the riders broad experience with all in velodrome racing. As new racers gain sufficient skill, fitness, and experience, they may be upgraded to race at TNR, while others will enjoy continuing to race at FNR with no intention of upgrading.

Advanced track racers, please check out TNR. Women racers please also see our Women's Racing.

Want to start racing? Completing our Introductory Class is the first step.

Rider Information

Calendar (2023 Season Schedule)

Subject to change. 2023 Results and scores recorded will be posted and linked at each date as completed.

All race nights always include C/D categories, with additional categories only when explicitly noted.

  • 4/7/2023 Opening Night

  • 4/14: Beginner Women’s Night

  • 4/21: Traditional Omnium

  • 4/28: Silly Race Night

  • 5/05: Endurance Night

  • 5/12: Master’s Cup Series #1 (45+ all levels)

  • 5/19: Beginner Women’s Night 

  • 5/26: Sprint Tournament

  • 6/02:  Las Vegas Night (Black Jack and Antequena)

  • 6/09: Beginner Women’s Night

  • 6/16: Silly Races Night

  • 6/23: Master’s Cup Series #2 (45+ all levels)

  • 6/30: Racers Choice Night

  • 7/07: Traditional Omnium Night

  • 7/14: Beginner Women’s Night (Christmas in July)

  • 7/21: Keirin Clinic

  • 7/28: Racers Choice Night, SPRINTWARS Matched Sprints

  • 8/04: Master’s Cup Series #3 (45+ all levels)

  • 8/11: Silly Races Night, Beginner Women

  • 8/18: Endurance Night

  • 8/25: Sprint Tournament, SPRINTWARS Matched Sprints

  • 9/01: Traditional Omnium Night

  • 9/08: Silly Races Night, Beginner Women

  • 9/15: Master’s Cup Series Finale (45+ all levels)

  • 9/22: Keirin Clinic, SPRINTWARS Matched Sprints Championship

  • 9/29: Shenanigans End of Season Finale

  • Registration opens: 6:30pm

  • Registration closes: 6:50pm

  • Warm up: 7pm

  • Racing starts: 7:15pm

  • Racing concludes: 9pm

Rider Cost
  • SDVA Member: $10

  • Non-Member: $15

  • Under 18: $5

  • Race number: $5. Good for entire season.

Rider Requirements


1. You raced FNR last season as an SDVA C or D rider

OR -

2. You have completed the Introductory Class

- OR -

3. You have approval, in advance, from an SDVA Race Director. Please email in advance.



  • A specific category on a USAC, or any other racing license does not bypass these eligibility requirements.

  • No self-upgrades. By permission of race directors only.

  • Racers are categorized based on skill and speed.

  • Race officials and the SDVA reserve the right to restrict the categories and riders at their sole discretion.

  • FNR races are not USAC sanctioned events, and do not result in upgrade points for your USAC race license.


Riders sufficient skill, fitness, and experience, may be upgraded to race at TNR, with the approval of the Race Director. Please read here for more info about racing categories and upgrades.

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