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Friday Night Racing

Racing Weekly!

Every Friday from April until the middle of September, the velodrome is host to our Friday Night Racing series. These fast-paced races feature our newer riders and grass-roots racers as they gain skill and experience on the Velodrome. Don't let the above sentence fool you, these races are exciting.


Structured as a development series, races are varied from week to week to allow the riders broad experience with all in velodrome racing. Schedules are updated on Facebook.


2020 FNR Race booklet & schedule of events

available for download SOON

FNR is a developmental series geared towards getting our riders up to speed to be competitive at our track as well as regional and national tracks.

Registration closes at 6:45 PM

Warm/Ups and racing start at 7:00 PM

Rider Costs:


SDVA Member:                       


Under 18:    

Race number: $5. Good for entire season.




Rider Eligibility:


1. You were racing as a SDVA D grade or C grade rider at the end of 2019; OR

2. You have completed a LEVEL 1 Introductory Course** at the San diego Velodrome; OR

2. You have approval, in advance, from the  SDVA FNR Race Director.



**If you completed a LEVEL 1 Introductory Course in 2018/2019 but did NOT race, you will need to contact your coach to contact the FNR Race Director for eligibility.

  • A specific category on a USAC, or any other racing license does not bypass these eligibility requirements.

  • No self-upgrades. By permission of race directors only

  • Racers are categorized based on skill and speed. Race officials and the SDVA reserve the right to restrict the categories and riders at their sole discretion.