Tuesday Night Racing

Racing Weekly

Every Tuesday from the middle of April until the middle of September, the velodrome is host to our premier  Tuesday Night Racing series. These fast-paced races feature our fastest, most skilled, and experienced riders. With breathtaking speeds, there's never a dull moment on the track and it's FREE to watch.


Overall 2021 TNR Schedule:

Weekly TNR Schedule


Rider Information

Registration closes at 6:25.

Warm-ups and racing start at 6:45

Rider Costs:


SDVA Member:                       


Under 18:    

Race number: $5. Good for entire season.




Rider Eligibility:


1. You were racing as a SDVA A grade or B/B+ grade rider at the end of 2019


2. You have approval, in advance, from an SDVA Race Director.



A specific category on a USAC, or any other racing license does not bypass these eligibility requirements.

No self-upgrades. By permission of race directors only

Racers are categorized based on skill and speed. Race officials and the SDVA reserve the right to restrict the categories and riders at their sole discretion.

  • First Tuesday: A, B, and sometimes Juniors

  • Second Tuesday: A, B, and Sprinters

  • Third Tuesday A, B, Women

  • Fourth Tuesday A, B, and Madison

  • Fifth Tuesday A, B, and sometimes Juniors

Current Race Schedules and more Information can be found on the Crank Cycling website.