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Advanced Velodrome Classes

Cyclists riding bicycles at the San Diego Velodrome

Experienced velodrome riders and graduates of the LEVEL 1 Introductory Class can continue to improve their track cycling skills by attending a LEVEL 2 Advanced Class.

Many of our long-time repeat students enjoy attending our LEVEL 2 classes every week, participating in group drills and workouts with other experienced riders. LEVEL 2 classes are a great option for riders who enjoy group workout sessions, but don't have an interest in competitive racing.

The San Diego Velodrome is also host to private coaches, some with dedicated time slots available. Please contact them directly for availability.

SDVA Members also have access to Member-Only Workouts. Please consider joining to access these workouts, among other benefits.



LEVEL 2 Advanced Velodrome Skills courses is offered Mondays or Wednesdays from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, March to September. Every class has both LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 groups, sharing track time by alternating on track and resting/instruction. Registration is required and classes tend to fill up early.



What to bring
  • Bicycle helmet

  • Tennis or running shoes

  • Cycling-appropriate clothing

  • Riding glasses

  • Water bottle

  • Light snack or energy bar

Cost (per six-class course)
  • Adult: $170 (~$28 per two-hour class)

  • Adult SDVA Member: $130 (~$21 per two-hour class)


SDVA Membership is recommended for LEVEL 2 riders. SDVA members enjoy 24-hour access to the velodrome, access to member-only group workouts, and other benefits.


More questions? Please check our FAQ, or email


Mondays starting April 1 with Coaches Nina and Glenn


Wednesdays starting March 6 with Coaches Jeff & Bojac

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