San Diego Velodrome Association FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions you can read about before contacting us:

We do our best to provide the quickest response to your questions as possible, but please remember the SDVA is an all volunteer board of community members - the membership process is auditted daily by a human, so please be patient when you apply for membership.

1.) When are the Swap Meets for 2021?

We have been waiting on a response from the City of San Diego Parks and regulations to conduct a swap meet like we have had in the past. Believe us, we want a swap - more than ever. Hopefully this summer the pandemic will allow us to host something, but for now, the answer to this question is - ‘We don’t know when and do not have a target date on the calendar.’

2.) When are races, classes, or group sessions going to resume?

​*Note* SDVA has been permitted to proceed with classes that include riding in a group. Fully vaccinated riders are encouraged to participate. If you are a part of a vunerable population or your comfort level does not allow for close proximity riding, please wait until a time when you are ready.   Go to this page to register! Certification classes are now open!

3.) How do I join the SDVA? 

You will need to provide proof of  velodrome experience on the application, having taken a 6-weeks "Introduction to the Velodrome" is the standard. Please apply here.

4.) If I am certified at another track, do I need to do it again at the SDVA? 

The San Diego Velodrome has the same international standards of most every track worldwide. If you have trained or raced at another track please indicate when and where and how long ago on your membership application (and/or provide race results/USAC track category etc.)  Its always good to be 'oriented' to the nuances of our track, how to enter and how to exit and learning the codes of conduct. A live person will review your membership application and let you know if 'Orientation' is a contingency of your membership. 

5.) Are there day and weekly rates to use the track if I'm visiting? 

 Yes. Please visit our membership page HERE. It lists the membership day, week, and monthly option for track experienced riders.  Memberships are screened and vetted by our volunteer staff, so please be patient when you apply for membership and  plan ahead if you are traveling. Because we do not employ staff at our velodrome, we cannot 'issue loaner bikes' for visitors. Your membership pass will permit you access to the facility only. 

6.) How do I join the SDVA if I do not have a track bike or previous experience?

The SDVA has plans to resume "Introductory Classes" within the city guidelines very soon. Please check the calendar and sign up for our email announcements. Go to the calendar.   Pre-registration will be required for all future class sessions regardless of which series you select. Cost for adult 6-week classes is $140.  Sign up for the announcement emails by using the "Join our mailing list" at the bottom of every page on our website!

7.) Can I borrow a bike to race with?

The SDVA does not permit our instructional bikes to be used for racing.

8.) Can I store my bike at the velodrome?

The SDVA does not have space to store equipment.

9.) How old does my child need to be to ride at the velodrome?

Once training sessions resume, your child will need to be 8 years old before 12/2021 and able to follow instructions to participate in our beginner junior riders program - and YES, we do have kids LOANER BIKES. We do not have bikes for sale.  Class announcements for beginner and advanced sessions are coming soon.

10.) Can I rent the facility or reserve the velodrome for a private gathering?

Once the public health orders and City regulations allow, we will resume consideration of facility use. Please send your completed request to Rates and facility description can be found on our forms and policies page.

The San Diego Velodrome Association (SDVA) is a public benefit, membership-based 501(C)3 nonprofit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of California for the purposes of engaging in, promoting, encouraging, and otherwise supporting bicycle track racing, both as an athletic sport as well as a recreational activity, including such related activities as, but not limited to, bicycle safety programs, bicycle swap meets, and youth bicycling programs. The SDVA is granted a use permit by the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department for the use of the velodrome facility in Balboa Park. The SDVA is responsible for administering, conducting, coordinating, and/or promoting all bicycling recreational and racing activities, including events sanctioned under the provisions of the United Cycling Federation, the United States Olympic Committee, and/or the International Cycling Union (UCI) for the San Diego Velodrome.

The mission of the San Diego Velodrome Association:

To create an accessible, safe community, welcoming riders, racers & enthusiasts of all ages. To develop great athletes & even better people through our programs. Where fun, opportunities, training & values intersect on an oval.

Board Meeting Schedule

SDVA member meetings and directors meetings are held every month at 7:00 PM on the third Wednesday of every month. Currently these are remote (Zoom) video/phone conferences.  Please check the calendar for meeting date and info at

If you would like to attend a phone-in meeting please contact SDVA president,  Matthew Hoffmann, (

To ensure timely and orderly board of director meetings, it is requested for members to contact the appropriate board member in order to have an issue placed on the agenda. If you would like to bring an item of consideration to the board of directors, please fill out the form below and submit no less than 48 hours in advance of the meeting. 

Times are subject to change.

Board of Directors

Matthew Hoffmann
SDVA President

Nina Rosenblum

Roger Lovett

Brooke Anderson

Jay Anhold

Advisory Member