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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you can read about before contacting us:

We do our best to provide the quickest response to your questions as possible, but please remember the SDVA is an all volunteer board of community members - the membership process is audited daily by a human, so please be patient when you apply for membership.

How do I join the SDVA? 

Anyone who is Safety Certified may apply to join the SDVA. Most members are certified through our Introductory Class, and it is the recommended place to start. Learn more about membership and the application process here.

If I am certified at another track, do I need to do it again at the SDVA? 

The San Diego Velodrome has the same international standards of most every track worldwide. If you have trained or raced at another track please indicate when and where and how long ago on your membership application (and/or provide race results/USAC track category etc.)  Its always good to be 'oriented' to the nuances of our track, how to enter and how to exit and learning the codes of conduct. A live person will review your membership application and let you know if 'Orientation' is a contingency of your membership. Please read more about racing categories here, and about racing certification here.

Are there day and weekly rates to use the track if I'm visiting? 

For experienced track riders only, please visit our membership signup page and complete the application for a Monthly Membership. Please include specific details about your track riding experience. Memberships are screened by our volunteer staff, so please be patient when you apply for membership and  plan ahead if you are traveling. Because we do not employ staff at our velodrome, we cannot 'issue loaner bikes' for visitors. Your membership pass will permit you access to the facility only. Once you've completed use of the velodrome, you may cancel your membership.

How do I join the SDVA if I do not have a track bike or previous experience?

The SDVA has an Introductory Class which includes a loner track bike you may use for the duration of the class series. This is the recommended starting point for new track riders.

Can I borrow a bike to race with?

Sorry, the SDVA does not permit our instructional bikes to be used for racing.

Can I store my bike at the velodrome?

Unfortunately, the SDVA does not currently have space to store personal equipment.

How old does my child need to be to ride at the velodrome?

Children that will turn 8-years-old this calendar year are eligible to participate in our beginner junior riders program - and YES, we do have kids LOANER BIKES. We do not have bikes for sale.

Can I rent the facility or reserve the velodrome for a private gathering?

Yes, please download and complete this form, and send your completed request to Rates, facility details, and additional information are included in the form.

For any other questions, please contact

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