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Bike Swap Meet

Sunday, October 27th 2024
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California's biggest bicycle swap meet!

Looking for that special bike part, bicycle, wheelset, clothing, or accessory? Twice a year the SDVA hosts an everything bicycle swapmeet in the infield of our track. Gates open at 7:00am for our sellers and at 9:00am for our buyers.

Located at the San Diego Velodrome
in Balboa Park

Directions Click Here


  • Gates open at 9am for buyers

  • Buyer entry fee $5.00 cash per person at the gate

  • No pre-registration required for buyers


We depend on the support of volunteers to make the swap meet happen! Revenue generated by the swap is critical for the velodrome, and represents approximately 30% of our budget. If you are able to volunteer your time on the day of the swap, please email Help with various roles are needed, our Swap Director will work with you to find a good fit. Thank you for your help!​



Day of event fees are cash only.​

  1. Pershing Dr. entry opens 6am

  2. Drive-in sellers enter velodrome 7am

  3. Pre-registered walk-in sellers enter

  4. Non-pre-registered walk-in sellers enter

  5. Buyers enter 9am

  6. Vehicles not allowed to leave until after 3pm


Please follow the directions of our volunteers. Spots MAY be in slightly different locations due to hazards on the infield soil, or for any other reasons. Your vehicle, items for sale, and all other property must fit entirely within the boundaries of your designated spot.

Available Spots for pre-registration:

  • The Castle: for vehicles up to 25 feet long. Includes a 20 foot wide canopy and a parking space next to it.  $600

  • Front straight: Spots are on the pavement and are 15 feet wide, x 30 feet deep. For vehicles up to 25 feet long. The triangle one is similar in size to the others, just with a triangle shape. Includes 4 sellers. $250

  • Piece of the pie: for box trucks or similar. You get 1/4 of the infield warmup circle area all to yourself. Includes 4 sellers. $200

  • Small car and small SUV spots: No full size trucks and SUVS, 12 feet wide and 18 feet deep. Includes 2 sellers. $90

  • Truck/SUV spots: 14 feet wide and 18 feet deep. If your rig is over 18 feet long you must purchase 2 spots. Includes 2 sellers  $130

  • Pre-registered walk-in: Sellers are not assigned a spot, but will be allowed entry before day-of walk-in sellers. Walk-in sellers will set up in whatever space is left over, and can bring in whatever they can carry, push, lift, or haul, but they may not park near the gate and must carry items from the parking lots. $20. Every additional load brought in is an additional $20. No pop-up canopies or other large setups.

  •   We will have more spaces the day of the event. All day of the event drive-in spots are $125, and include 2 sellers.

Rules and Requirements

We appreciate our sellers! To maintain an orderly event, we require you abide by the following rules. Failure to follow these rules may result in ejection from the event without a refund.

  • Please follow the directions of our volunteers.

  • Be nice to other swap meet participants and volunteers. Please be patient, and leave bad attitudes at home.

  • Your vehicle, items for sale, everyone that enters with you, and all other property must fit entirely within the boundaries of your designated spot.

  • No in-and-outs. Once you first enter in the morning, expect your vehicle to be there until approximately 3 PM.

  • Please don't abuse the walk-in spot. This spot is intended for a single person to bring in one load of items under their own power. No pop-up canopies or other large setups. Going forward we are charging an additional $20 for every load, or for ridiculous trains of chained wagons.

  • Take great care, and ask for assistance when entering and leaving the facility. You are responsible for any and all damage that you cause to the track surface, gates, or any other part of the facility.

  • Pack it in and pack it out. Do not leave your garbage on the infield, nor in, on, or near any dumpster or garbage can. This includes boxes, packing materials, stock that you don’t want, or anything that you brought into the facility. Violators are subject to a $100 fine and may be refused future entry.

  • Each spot purchased includes entry for TWO (2) sellers. Additional sellers are $20 each above the cost of vehicle entry. (ex: 1 spot = 2 sellers 2 spots - 4 sellers) max 4 sellers per spot.  Everyone over the age of 12 that enters with you is a seller.

  • You may pay the oversized vehicle surcharge for $120 on the day of the event. If your entire vehicle will not fit into a 18 foot long box, you must pay this surcharge.

  • Exceptions to the 18 foot rule may be made for a standard truck or van that is not towing anything, at the swap meet director's discretion.

  • In any dispute, the the swap meet director's decision is final.

Questions? Please email

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