Swap Meet:  

*TBD, 2020 

*Please read letter below for further information.

Dear Swap Meet Friends, Sellers and Buyers,

The San Diego VeloYouth is very happy to join with the San Diego
Velodrome Association (SDVA) to run the Swap Meet this year.

We care about the health of our community, and after careful consideration,
the Spring Swap Meet is TBD pending direction from the City and County of San Diego to reopen parks and fitness facilities.

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Buyer Entry $5.00

Gates Open at 9:00 for Buyers

Looking for that special bike part, bicycle, wheelset, clothing, or accessory? Twice a year the SDVA hosts an everything bicycle swapmeet in the infield of our track. Gates open at 7:00 AM for our sellers and at 9:00AM for our buyers.

Vendor Information

Registration CLOSED

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The infield of our 333.3m track is the site for our swap meet. Drive-in sellers enter first, and will be directed around the track. There will be a handful of drive in spots available on the day of the event. Walk-in sellers will fill remaining spots on the infield, and pre-registered walk in sellers will get priority over day of registrations.

12' spots are outlined around the apron. Please note that the infield diagram below is a rough guide, and pots MAY be in slightly different locations because of hazards on the infield soil, or for any other reasons.

Available Spots for Preregistration:

  • Blue spaces on the map: $320 for vehicles up to 25 feet long. These spots are on the pavement and are ~25 feet wide X 30 feet deep including a 10-20 shade tent.

  • Green spaces on the maps: $200 each Spots 202, 203, 206, 207 are on the pavement and are 15 feet wide, x 30 feet deep. 201 is ~ 35X30 on the right angle corner and 208 is unusually shaped, but equivalent in square footage to the other green spaces

  • Red Spots on the map $110 each. On the velodrome Apron, all spots are a minimum of 12 x 24 feet deep. Vehicles over 18 feet long must have 2 spots or pay a $100 surcharge.

  • Yellow Spot on the map: $80. Infield spots Suitable for smaller cars and small SUVS. Minimum of 12 feet wide and 18 feet long. No vehicles over 18 feet on these spots, unless you purchase 2 spots.

  • Walk-in Sellers $20 - Sellers not assigned a spot, but will be directed to open areas for walk-ins.

Preregistered walk in sellers are not assigned a spot, but will be allowed entry before day of walk in sellers. 

All Day of the event drive spots are $100.

Additional Information for drive in sellers:


  • Take great care, and ask for assistance when entering and leaving the facility. You are responsible for any and all damage that you cause to the track surface, gates, or any other part of the facility.

  • Pack it in and pack it out. Do not leave your garbage on the infield, nor in, on, or near any dumpster or garbage can. This includes boxes, packing materials, stock that you don’t want, or anything that you brought into the facility. Violators are subject to a $100 fine, and the nickname “Pigpen”.

  • Each spot purchased includes entry for TWO (2) sellers. Additional sellers are $20 each above the cost of vehicle entry. (ex: 1 spot = 2 sellers 2 spots - 4 sellers) max 4 sellers per spot.

  • Everyone that enters with you in your vehicle must be set up entirely within your spot. You are responsible for the behavior of everyone that enters with your vehicle. Anyone setting up outside of the appropriate vendor spot will be asked to leave without a refund.

  • You may pay the oversized vehicle surcharge for $80 on the day of the event. If your entire vehicle will not fit into a 18 foot long box, you must pay this surcharge.

Additional stuff:

  • Gates open at 7AM for drive in, sellers, 8 for pre-registered  walk in sellers, and 8:15 for day of walk in sellers.

  • Cash only on for fees paid the day of the event

  • No refunds due to rain or other event

  • Vendors will enter and be directed in a counter-clockwise manner to the next available spot, please follow all directions

  • No selling food, drinks, or other consumables inside the velodrome

  • No selling items outside the velodrome gate.

  • No bicycles are to be locked to the velodromes boards or rail.  Price tags will be removed by staff.

  • All vendors must remain in designated spots on the infield.  Do not set up on the track or the apron

  • Orders and directions from swap meet staff take precedence over everything

  • No riding on the track. 

  • 18′ rule includes everything and every inch of the vehicle, including trailers, hitches, bikes off the back, etc.; imagine you are in a 18′ long box

  • Vehicles over 25′ please make prior arrangements with swap meet director..

  • All vehicles must enter through gates on Pershing Drive as directed.   If you do not, we reserve the right to ask you to leave without a refund

  • Be respectful to all staff, volunteers, sellers,  buyers, humans, and other animals.   Otherwise you may be asked to leave without a refund.

  • All buyers must check bicycles at the bike valet.  Buyers will not be allowed in with goods.

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