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Women's Racing


Resources for Women at the Track

A new generation of American women has ascended to the top ranks of cycling.

Each year there are several events designed to welcome and introduce women to track cycling. Throughout our regular TNR and FNR racing season there are dedicated nights for women of all levels certified to ride on the San Diego Velodrome. Women-inclusive categories foster inclusiveness and encourage riders to race who would otherwise be less motivated by the open categories.

Getting Started

If you are interested in racing but are not yet Race Certified, please check out our Introductory Class.

Racing for Women

On both TNR and FNR ALL women, regardless of category, are encouraged to ride. FNR will have nightly schedules built to accommodate an additional field should there be enough women to register.

Women's Night Racing Categories

For our women's specific race nights, rider categorization is as follows:

Women’s A – ATRA A/B and USAC 1/2/3
Women’s B – ATRA C/D and USAC 4/5-Friday Night Race Eligible

Please read more about ATRA categories here.

Women's 2023 Calendar

To be announced.

Women at the San Diego Velodrome - Boudicca

There is a support group on Facebook if you use that platform - check it out!

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