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Sponsorship & Advertising

We want you as an individual or business to support the velodrome. We have advertising opportunities available to community and industry supporters.

​The SDVA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we rely on sponsorship revenue to offset the cost of running our facility.


The San Diego Velodrome is the only facility of its type in San Diego. In the summer months we attract over 150 spectators per night to our Tuesday Night Racing series; 50 people per night to our Friday Night Racing series; as well as curious passers in the park. We are located in the heart of Balboa Park's Athletic Complex, and open year round. That means even when organized events are not taking place, riders, walkers, runners, and other users of the athletic complex will see the track and will see your name 365 days per year.

The question arises, what does your sponsorship investment get you? The answer is simple – year round brand exposure while keeping the cycling dream alive for hundreds of cyclists each year.

Exposure Includes:

  • Track billboards

  • Presenting Sponsor Event Nights

  • Marketing Displays

  • PA Announcements

  • Website Placement

  • and much more!

Sponsorship Opportunities:

SDVA Sponsorship Programs Board Banner Sponsorship:

Gold Level $1500 

  • Three years 

  • SDVA supplies material and installation 

  • $500/year renewal in perpetuity

Silver Level $1000

  • Two years 

  • SDVA supplies materials and installation

  • $500/year renewal in perpetuity


Bronze Level $500

  • One year 

  • Sponsor pays for materials

  • SDVA does the installation 

  • $500/year renewal in perpetuity

  • Sponsors will stay at the original $500/year renewed at the end of each contract

  • The cost to purchase a Board Banner Sponsorship may increase in future years

Personal Track Meter

  • Own a meter of the SDVA $200

  • One year

  • Up to 30 characters on an open meter of the apron next to the Cote de Azur/Blue Band

  • SDVA will paint your name or message

  • $100/year renewal in perpetuity 

  • Sponsors will stay at the original renewal rate of $100/year renewed each year

  • The cost to purchase a track meter may increase in future years

  • All text must be in alignment with the SDVA Mission 

Next Steps:

Where can you find a better place to  advertise than at the San Diego Velodrome? With multiple options and tiers you are certain to find a solution that meets your advertising needs. Spaces are subject to availability. Inquire about further details and availability at

The San Diego Velodrome at sunset
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