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Introductory Velodrome Classes


Want to learn to ride the velodrome? This is where you start! Our Introductory Velodrome class will teach you the skills you need to ride at the velodrome safely through a fun series of drills, games, and workouts. All fitness levels and abilities are welcome!

A track bike is provided if you do not own one!


Over the length of the program participants can expect to learn:

  • The basic skills of handling a fixed gear track bike

  • How to enter and exit the track safely

  • Velodrome etiquette

  • How to ride pace lines and rotating pace lines

  • How to ride our structured workouts

  • Basic race-oriented topics.


Our 6-WEEK classes run every Monday and Wednesday from 7:00PM to 9:00PM, March to September. Registration is required and classes tend to fill up early.


Each session is made up of a series of four or six classes (12 hours of training). All classes should be completed in consecutive order.



Our introduction to track cycling classes run in two groups.


  • LEVEL 1: For riders with little or no track cycling experience.

  • LEVEL 2: For experienced track riders who have completed LEVEL 1 or have appropriate track cycling experience.

Upon completion of the LEVEL 1 course, riders are considered Safety and Racing Certified, become eligible to race in our Friday Night Series, may advance to LEVEL 2 classes, and may become an SDVA member. SDVA members enjoy 24-hour access to the velodrome, access to member-only group workouts, and other benefits. See more about Safety and Racing Certification here.

Every class has both LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 groups, sharing track time by alternating on track and resting/instruction.​​



Mondays starting April 1 with Coaches Nina and Glenn


Wednesdays starting March 6 with Coaches Jeff & Bojac

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What to bring
  • Bicycle helmet

  • Tennis or running shoes

  • Cycling-appropriate clothing

  • Riding glasses

  • Water bottle

  • Light snack or energy bar

Cost (per six-class course)
  • Adult: $170 (~$28 per two-hour class)

  • Adult SDVA Member: $130 (~$21 per two-hour class)

Membership not required.


SDVA Membership is recommended after completing the Level 1 series. SDVA members enjoy 24-hour access to the velodrome, access to member-only group workouts, and other benefits.


More questions? Please check our FAQ, or email

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