San Diego Velodrome Association (SDVA) Concussion Awareness and Management Policy

The San Diego Velodrome Association has adopted the following as its concussion policy for all persons participating at the San Diego Velodrome, REGARDLESS OF AGE:

  • California Assembly Bill No. 2007, Section 124235 : “An athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or other head injury in an athletic activity shall be immediately removed from the athletic activity for the remainder of the day, and shall not be permitted to return to any athletic activity until he or she is evaluated by a licensed health care provider. The athlete shall not be permitted to return to athletic activity until he or she receives written clearance to return to athletic activity from a licensed health care provider. If the licensed health care provider determines that the athlete sustained a concussion or other head injury, the athlete shall also complete a graduated return-to-play protocol of no less than seven days in duration under the supervision of a licensed health care provider.”

  • All coaches and instructors at San Diego Velodrome are required to complete the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) HEADS UP Online Concussion Training course

  • All participants at the San Diego Velodrome must acknowledge they have read, understand and have signed the SDVA Concussion Policy and Waiver


For more information regarding concussions and procedures, refer to the following links from the CDC:


According to the CDC, “while there is no concussion-proof helmet, a bike helmet can help protect…from a serious brain or head injury.” All participants are required to wear a helmet while riding their bicycle at the San Diego Velodrome.




For clubs, coaches, officials, and parents the SDVA encourages all coaches and officials to utilize the following link as a minimum for concussion education.

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