What is certification?

There are safety requirements all riders should know before getting onto the track. 

Cycling is an inherently dangerous sport, ranked by hospitals in U.S. emergency treatment centers as the most common activity causing bodily trauma.  In fact you will eventually crash and fall down when riding - and when you crash you will possibly incur minor or major injury.  
By signing your class waiver and release of liability you are agreeing to ride the velodrome at your own risk and responsibility with your full knowledge that you will fall down and get hurt.  Directors and coaches will do their best to make your riding conditions are as safe as possible, but we do not presume to be able to control everything you will encounter.  Please ride with courtesy and caution. 

The objectives of  "Safety/Membership Certifications" (Usually one day introductions to fixed gear riding) are 

  • To teach riders the equipment, features, and riding positions on the track.

  • To instill in riders correct riding etiquette, conduct and rules for safe riding

  • To help riders understand how to use the velodrome

    • Walking across track

    • Parts of the track and appropriate use

    • Basic bike awareness and maintenance

    • Know where to enter and exit the track safely and WHEN 

    • Know “STAY” command

    • Know how to hold your line on Sprinters Lane, Blue line, and Boards

    • Know how to pass in each lane

    • Responsibility and how to lock the facility when leaving

Once riders have passed a 'Safety Certification' they may join the San Diego Velodrome Association and use the facility on their own or join in a coached workout session. 

The objectives of "Racing Certifications" in addition to the above 'safety certification' points above include: 

  • Know how to Paceline on Sprinters Lane, Blue line, and Boards

  • How to maneuver through traffic

  • Can ride comfortably with close proximity in a group

  • How to apply safe racing protocol in speed changing situations

  • Apply race strategies and extended awareness in position on the track during Mass start events 

    Once a rider is 'Race Certified' (typically this is accomplished during a 6-week training session or 12 hours of riding instruction, they may race at the Friday Night Race events and will advance from there. Friday Nights are developmental races.

    Only a SDVA approved coach may grant certifications.